How to write an essay analyzing a process?

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An essay which analyzes a process is mainly an essay containing practical advice and instructions. In it, you will tell the reader how to do something, or how it is done, for example, how the goods are made in a factory or how to cook a specific dish. A good descriptive essay will gradually lead the reader on all points, not focusing on one thing or taking any time, because the reader may be new to this business. Despite the fact that the details are important, if you include too many points, your reader may get tired before reading the essay, so you need to include only the necessary information.

Determine who will read your essay and how well these people are aware of what you are writing. Before you start writing, think about what readers expect in each part of your essay. This will help to decide what you should specify in the first place when writing an appeal to readers.

Do you want them to know in advance that it will take a whole day to complete the task? What do you need for this special set of tools? What should novice readers know first of all in order to concentrate on completing the task?

Suppose you are writing an article containing practical tips and instructions that describe how to make Bolognese pasta. Readers do not need to know what the difference is between the herbs added to the sauce – you should mention that you need a colander, explain how to understand that the pasta is ready and so on. Having told all the main, you can go to the subtleties.

Make a plan to complete the task, highlighting each main point. You may have to do it yourself to know exactly what will happen, and then describe your step by step actions. It’s easy to lose sight of a couple of items if you just scroll through them in your head. However, if it seems to you that you can present all this in detail in your head – this is enough.

Remember that in your power to facilitate the task of your readers. Instead of just writing “Boil water” or “Throw the pasta into the water”, you can add useful tips and tricks, for example, “Weigh your ingredients in advance” that can fly out of your head if you don’t cook it.